Term of Payment

  1. Orders can be placed by e-mail, phone or fax.
    Make sure always to include the ref. numbers of the pieces you are interested in.
  2. When we receive your order we will reserve the item for you.
  1. Term of Payment :

By Telegraphic Transfer ( T / T ):
We will forward you an invoice and please  fax a copy of the applicant before issuing it ( +62.291.429.9909 )within 3 days . If we have not received your copy of the applicant  within 3 days, we will consider the order as cancelled.
We accept bank transfers and cheques.
Items must be paid before shipping.
Letters Of Credit ( L / C ):
The L/C should be fulfill the following this criteria ( must ) to avoid later costly amendments:
a)      Irrevocable
b)      Payable at sight
c)      Confirmed (must be added by advising bank)
d)      Issued from recognized bank
e)      Shipment latest 3 month or negotiable
f)        Credit valid for 3 month or negotiable
g)      Partial shipment allowed
h)      Transshipment allowed
i)        Bill of lading consigned to order of issuing bank
j)        Fee and banking charges are to applicant
k)      Document are to be presented to advising bank
l)        Clearly against following document only
m)    Percentage credit amount tolerance +/- 10%

  • 1/2 commercial invoices
  • 1/2 packing list
  • Certificate of origin
  • Bill of lading

n)      When we have received your payment we will contact the shipper for pick up.
o)      Shipping costs are payable by buyer.