The most unique occurrence ART CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL PT offers over and above any other seller of furniture is that all of our furniture is built or assembled here in Jepara, in our workshop warehouse. This is quality controlled in this place, with close supervision from wood material selection, assembly and construction supervision and strict detail to force a furniture quality.
Design is an integral part of what makes ART CLASSIC what it is today. We are proud to have a dedicated team of incredible designers to create our innovative and distinctive furniture pieces. From 1991 until now, we’ve honed our skills to produce every one of our new products in-house from the ground up, all with expert JEPARA craftsmanship.

Our team of talented creative thinkers push the boundaries of both material and assembly to achieve functionality and style in every ART CLASSIC product. With innovative design and best-quality manufacturing, we fulfill the market’s need for design-led, affordable social furniture, with that distinctive ART CLASSIC style.

We believe that good design is not just the way something looks, it’s the process by which a product comes to life. From our designers’ initial ideas to the final product, we’re always thinking about how we can test the boundaries of both materials and assembly to make social spaces smarter.
When creating furniture to equip social spaces, designs need to invite and delight. Thoughtfully designed pieces support forward-thinking work practices and allow for good things to happen. They also provide and unmissable opportunity to communicate your brand and inject energy into your product.

Inspired by you, driven by passion 

Our designers strive to create products that understand the needs of our customers in every piece we produce. So why don’t you have any reason to miss our invitation to start your project with us.